Soul of Eden free Time hack

Soul of Eden

Rating: 4.7
Soul of Eden free Time hackSoul of Eden free Time hackSoul of Eden free Time hackSoul of Eden free Time hackSoul of Eden free Time hackSoul of Eden free Time hackSoul of Eden free Time hackSoul of Eden free Time hackSoul of Eden free Time hack

Game description:

Rayark's first step into an Esports title!

Soul of Eden is a PvP competitive game that combines real-time strategy with card games. The unique unit-spreading deploy system, exciting four-minute games... every single match is a different challenge! Choose your destined faction from among the four and challenge contestants from all across the world!

#Choose your faction
The tech-savvy Republic, the unpredictable Aliens, the sword-and-magic wielding Empire, and the savage Beasts. Four factions, four completely different styles for players to choose from. The factions' stories intertwine with one another.... so which faction will you lead to glory?

#Build your deck
Over 100 unique cards, with a deck flexibility of 30 cards. Unleash your strategic potential and create your own tactics.

#Showcase your controls
The unique unit-spreading deploy system leads to endless formations in battle. The skills of the legendary heroes can turn the tide of battle all by themselves! On this ever-changing battlefield, your controls and decisions will be the key to achieving victory!

#More unique features
- Eden Pass is now available; plenty of rewards are waiting to be unlocked!
- Competition E has arrived; no longer fear facing high level cards!
- Numerous Playground modes; enjoy yourself and have some fun already!
- The brand-new SoE TV; learn from the pros!

▼Official Discord
- [EN] 
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- [JP] 
- [KR] 

▼Contact Us
Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:
Official Twitter:
Customer Service (E-mail): [email protected]
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