Pocoyo Piano free Resources hack

Pocoyo Piano

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Pocoyo Piano free Resources hack

Game description:

Pocoyo Piano is an educational app for kids. This app is based on the popular animation series featured by a preschool kid called Pocoyo, who is discovering the world and interacts with it. His friends, Pato, Elly, Pajarota and his pet Loula, always go with him.

Pocoyo Piano fosters children's interest in music, essential for their evolving capacities. Music is a part of preeschool education since it plays a very important role in developing language skills, intellectual capacities, motor functions, sensory and auditory abilities.

Thanks to music your kids will:

- Improve body language.

- Share music, building that way your child's self-esteem.

- Increase his concentration. Music also benefits children to focus and learn languages. Why? Because music increase the capacity of your memory.

Pocoyo Piano is an educational game that not only develops musical skills of your children, but also trains their ears and motor skill, which are very importan elements of their development. Through its keys, your son will learn while enjoy and recognize colors.
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User Reviews


Device: Android

Worked on the second try, thanks!


Device: Android

had a hard time getting this to go but with the help I received it runs great.


Device: iOS

Can no longer play the game without it lol

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