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Crazy For Speed

Rating: 4.23
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Game description:

The most dangerous real road from all over the world: Mountain road of Alps, Coastal road of Venice, Desert road of Nevada, Muddy road of Amazon, Asphalt road of Monaco, City road of Tokyo, Snow-icing road of Himalaya, Night road of London, etc.

Various super cars made by top manufacturers of the world. Select your sports car, paint on your favorite color, pack up all your Nitro, chase on the road with your opponents. Crash! Drift! Roll! Gallop! Overtake! Challenge the players from all over the world. Be the top racing driver. Crazy for Speed will give you an unparalleled racing experience.

* Realistic graphics, physics and sound effect
* Plenty of sports cars and off road tracks
* Driving license exam game mode and career mode
* Upgrade and paint your cars

Enjoy racing with your cool cars! Roll on the most dangerous roads!
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User Reviews


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