Atlas Empires free Resources hack

Atlas Empires

Rating: 4.61
Atlas Empires free Resources hackAtlas Empires free Resources hackAtlas Empires free Resources hackAtlas Empires free Resources hackAtlas Empires free Resources hackAtlas Empires free Resources hack

Game description:

Build your base and team up with local players in your State or Country.

Atlas Empires is a one-of-a-kind empire-builder strategy game. Claim land right where you live, set up outposts around the world, battle enemies near and far, and much more!

Build a Base Right Where You Live

Atlas is a unique world just a tap away. Stake your claim to your real-world location! Build a home base, set up outposts, and upgrade your troops and defenses to protect your empire! Build homes for your citizens and storage for your precious resources, and watch your empire grow!

Build an Outpost

Build resource-generating outposts to collect resources for yourself and your neighbors! Use unique Eagle Tokens to donate to your friends’ outposts to get your share of the treasure!

Discover the World

Travel the map to discover new resources, spells, special tools, and more! As you walk around the real world, uncover the magical world of Atlas. Check out your map while on the go and see what new sights and special deals the area has to offer!

Find New Troops

The mythical card dealer is always just a walk away! Get out there and find her cart––you won’t regret it! At her table, test your luck and collect new troops. You might discover a dangerous archer, a powerful sorceress, or maybe even the mighty dragon!

Battle Nearby and Around The Globe

Walk around and find bases to battle right in your neighborhood, or matchmake remotely with players around the world. Earn gold, wood, and stone from battles to build up your empire!


Atlas Empires is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. Is it most ideally played on smartphones, not tablets.

In order to play, you must agree to our Terms of Service, which can be found here:

Atlas Empires has the following requirements to enjoy on iOS Devices:
iPhone 7 or higher
iOS 13.0 or higher.
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User Reviews


Device: Android

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Device: iOS

Great software, nobody can beat this, it worked like a charm


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Simply awesome, it works. Updates when the game does and works with mods. Havent had an issue.


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100% working for me. Try it guys! Youll enjoy it. Guaranteed

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