Yoruba101 Ikini free Resources hack

Yoruba101 Ikini

Rating: 3.1
Yoruba101 Ikini free Resources hackYoruba101 Ikini free Resources hackYoruba101 Ikini free Resources hackYoruba101 Ikini free Resources hackYoruba101 Ikini free Resources hack

Game description:

Yoruba101 Ikini is a bilingual app that tells the story of Ade’s visit to his parents on a typical Saturday. Ade’s day-long journey brings him into contact with different Yoruba people and events. Ade greets the Yoruba people he meets which helps you learn various Yoruba greetings and responses in the process.

Greetings are some of the most important and interesting features of Yoruba culture. Yoruba101 Ikini uses a simple storyline, game and rhymes to teach children and adult learners Yoruba greetings. Teacher Ade continues from where he left off in the popular Yoruba language-learning app, Yoruba101.

In Yoruba101 Ikini, enjoy the following benefits:

• Interactive Story: Walk Ade through his journey from his house to his parent’s house.
• Songs: Learn Yoruba greetings by singing along to beautiful songs.
• Bilingual: Switch between Yoruba to English, Portuguese, Spanish or French subtitles
• Games: Play the game to test your Yoruba greeting skills.

Reviews from Beta Testers.
We tried out the Yoruba101 Ikini app with some parents and children before this release. Here are some of the reviews we received:

“My son had to dance to the music 2 times before he opened the story – Lol! He is an African drummer so he loves the music.”

“We tested the app tonight! We loved the story and music. The story was engaging.
My daughter, 8yrs, enjoyed each section; she was engaged, repeated the sentences and retained some information from testing the app!”

“It's working! I checked it out and loved it. I like the rhymes and the songs. Easy to learn with musical phonics.”

“I love the songs they're really catchy and make the game lively.”
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