Wordscapes Shapes free Resources hack

Wordscapes Shapes

Rating: 4.94
Wordscapes Shapes free Resources hackWordscapes Shapes free Resources hackWordscapes Shapes free Resources hackWordscapes Shapes free Resources hackWordscapes Shapes free Resources hack

Game description:

Don’t you just love when things fit together perfectly? In the mesmerizing world of Wordscapes Shapes, they always do. Start playing today to test your brilliance and immerse yourself in this delightful word puzzle game!

Be warned, it’s absolutely addicting. Once you start beating levels, you won’t be able to stop!

Wordscapes Shapes is the first word game of its kind. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s simple, beautiful, and marvelously fun to play.

What’s the Wordscapes Shapes Secret Recipe?
Begin by blending words together Word Search style
Fold words into a jigsaw puzzle style game board- all the words on the board fit perfectly together!
Sprinkle a fun word theme into each level - use the theme to guide your search (a crossword twist!)
Bake into a brand new and irresistible jigsaw-style word puzzle game that’s as addicting as it is satisfying.
Decorate with breathtaking backgrounds of scenic nature vistas that inspire and relax
Finally, top off with a brilliant player (you!) who is ready to have a blast brain training and putting their word skills to the test!

Be a Wordscapes Shapes pioneer and join the legions of brilliant players enjoying our addicting word puzzle games worldwide.

Terms of service: https://www.peoplefun.com/terms
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Device: iOS

Camed to this website from a youtube vlog and it seems to be legit


Device: Android

Thanks, it worked for me, I’ve generated very fast my resources


Device: Android

Worked for me too, generated resources in no time, thanks fawncrest!

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