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Game description:

Raccoons are very clever at recovering items, with the Raccoopys' ability to create items from wood, no one will know the difference! Don’t you think?

You are the boss! Choose one of more than 100 items available for the Raccoopys to trade, remember that you always have to leave something in return to have a fair trade. Decorate your home! Once the Raccoopy trades the object, you can store it in a chest or display it inside the house, choose one of the available rooms to display your precious trophies to the rhythm of Lo-Fi music.

Decorate the dream home of Alex and the Raccoopys!
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User Reviews


Device: Android

This is not fair! Ive spent a lot of money to get my items and now I can obtain them free?! Thats impossible!


Device: iOS

Simply awesome, it works. Updates when the game does and works with mods. Havent had an issue.


Device: iOS

Thanks, it worked for me, I’ve generated very fast my resources


Device: iOS

This product works really well. Its just enough for you to level the playing field since probably 6 out of 10 people in the game are already cheating anyway, haha.


Device: Android

Easy to use and not manually complicated like others. Read it and follow the advice on how to use the client safely. Keep up the great work, Hags!

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