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Game description:

The question is: How fast can you paradiddle?

A paradiddle is a small pattern of strokes executed with the right and the left hand.
Paradiddler lets you play a lot of different paradiddles and measures how fast you are, so you can compete with your friends online.

Paradiddler is not only made for drummers. It is fun to play for everyone and all ages!

But be careful: Paradiddler is very addictive! ;-)

Game features:
- 11 Different Paradiddles from easy to extra hard
- Online highscore to compete with your friends
- Gain new drums as you get better
- Social sharing support for scores and achievements
- Fun to play for everyone and all ages

Supported Paradiddles are:
- Single Stroke Roll - RLRLRLRL
- Double Stroke Roll - RRLLRRLL
- Triple Stroke Roll - RRRLLL
- Quad Stroke Roll - RRRRLLLL
- Single Paradiddle - RLRRLRLL
- Six Stroke Roll - RLLRRL
- Six Stroke Roll Left - LRRLLR
- Double Paradiddle - RLRLRRLRLRLL
- Paradiddle-Diddle - RLRRLL
- Paradiddle-Diddle Left - LRLLRR
- Triple Paradiddle - RLRLRLRRLRLRLRLL
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Device: iOS

Probably the best web based hacks website, you are the best


Device: Android

Really reliable and nice hacks, works perfectly and easy to use


Device: Android

being a NOOB, wasnt the easiest thing to use but i worked my way through it, READ all the information provided and follow the instructions, IT WORKS GREAT


Device: iOS

Worked on the second try, thanks!


Device: Android

really recommend this hack for everyone who wants to enjoy the games a little bit more :wink: It is completely safe and undetected. It works and functions awesome. I am so thankful!

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